Uterine Supremacy

Inspired by true events

Uterine Supremacy is a 4 player local multiplayer game. Take control of the building blocks of life. To battle your friends through inspired mini games for the ultimate prize. Life itself. Welcome to the Uterine Supremacy page. Let me tell you how this game came to be. Whenever we come off a larger project we like to take a break by doing a small game jam like project. We take turns coming up with ideas and running the group. Last year it was my turn to run the project. At the time my wife was pregnant and it was all I could think about. I was imagining what was happening and thought it made a good premise for a 4 player local multiplayer game. My initial idea was to have the 4 players(sperm) battling it out for the right toimpregnate the egg. But I didn't want it to end there. I wanted more development ofthe egg to finally see a fetus created. So finally after a few weeks we did it.

A game mode where 4 players battle each other and the egg until a single player gets insidethe egg and then controls it. Battling the other sperm and growing into a fetus until a winner is crowned and there baby is born. Uterine Supremacy was created. Since then we decided to add to the original idea by adding other playing methods and refining what we have already created. Uterine Supremacy will be released for early access on Oct 31, 2019. I will be posting updates on game modes and answering any questions. I hope everyone will enjoy. You can also follow the development on our community page. HYPERLINK OF SOME SORT